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The practical art of moving pictures

Everybody loves content

There is a high bar for content these days. Audiences expect integrated effects, interactive apps, and stories told through video. When you need a great user experience and don't know where to start, we can help.


Often companies have almost everything they need and lack only a digital production perspective to set up a new workflow or handle a special project.

Management of Tech

The gap is widening and communication between prod and tech is a challenge. It is benficial to include someone who understands both sides.

Set/Location Supervision

It is easy to find a shoot without a VFX or post production supervisor. Gettin that one shot, setting markers, or reference photos can save weeks in post.

Post Production

Our past work includes a whole lot of VFX for film. The last decade has shifted to also include commercial work, content for sites, and intaractive mobile apps.

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